Hepatitis A is one of five human hepatitis viruses (hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E) that primarily infect the liver and cause illness. An estimated 80,000 cases occur each year in the U.S., although much higher estimates have been proposed based on mathematical modeling of the past incidence of infection. Each year, an estimated

jerry's+deli+westwood.JPGThe Los Angeles Health Department announced Wednesday night that an employee of Jerry’s Deli in Westwood, located at 10925 Weyburn Ave., has been diagnosed with acute hepatitis A.

Health officials stated in an e-mail “the hepatitis A virus is spread by close physical contact and through fecal contamination of food or drink, so Public Health

According to press reports:

The Ashland-Boyd County Health Department has confirmed a sixth case of Hepatitis A. This case is a close contact with the previously identified cases of Hepatitis A.

No cases associated with the recent Burger King employee have been identified as of Monday, Nov. 29. Health department officials are investigating all recent

burger-king.jpgThe Ashland-Boyd County Health Department in Kentucky is investigating a recent Hepatitis A case in the community. The agency says a worker at the Burger King on Winchester Avenue had the disease. According to a press release, persons who went through the drive-thru multiple times during the given time frame or have low immunity would

According to the journal Vaccine, Alaska health officials said the state’s hepatitis A vaccination program (a program that we have advocated for several years around the country) has virtually wiped out hepatitis A infections in the state. Officials also said the program has cut down on the rates of the disease among Alaska Natives from