According to New Zealand press, A Linwood preschooler has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A in the latest of a cluster of cases in Christchurch in the past two weeks. The child diagnosed with Hepatitis A belonged to a Christchurch family that has 12 confirmed Hepatitis A cases. Hepatitis A vaccinations were extended to 156 pupils, caregivers, parents and staff at Linwood Kindercare.

In addition, the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control (Smittskyddsinstitutet, SMI) warned that the berries may have been responsible for 22 cases of Hepatitis A in Sweden so far. Experts from the institute advised berry lovers to take caution when consuming any berries bought in Sweden that were sold frozen. The people infected in Sweden were infected with the same type of Hepatitis that 30 people in Denmark were diagnosed with recently, which has since been traced to frozen berries and strawberries in particular.